Hardwood or Laminate Cleaning
& Sand-less Refinishing

Price Includes:
Cleaning, Light Scrubbing, & Sealant
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Kwik Dry's Sand-less Refinishing Process is Safe for Your Hardwood and Laminate Floors!

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Do you have wood or laminate floors that are in need of a face-lift?

Call the experts at Brevard Kwik Dry Total Cleaning and ask about our sand-less refinishing process for your hardwood and laminate floors. Our special process cleans, seals and refinishes adding new beauty to old floors.

Wood floors whether natural or laminate give your home or business a beautiful finished appearance, but over time they become dull and scratched with use - no matter how hard or often you clean them. Brevard Kwik Dry Total Cleaning will eliminate the hard work and hassle of cleaning and resealing your wood floors yourself, all at an affordable, fair price. There is no sanding that takes place which means no mess. Your floors can be walked on in just 30 minutes. Our unique and revolutionary Wood Floor Cleaning and Sealing service will extend the life of your floors, leaving them sparkling clean and shiny.

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